Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Grand Theft What?

If you've read my Gears of Who? or What happens in Vegas... posts, then you probably can guess what I think about next Tuesday's big game release, Grand Theft Auto IV, but I suppose I'll go on record by saying: Not interested.

As I mentioned before, Crackdown is as much Grand Theft Auto as I need. I'm not entirely sure what the big deal is about GTA, to be honest. The reason I like Crackdown is that you get to be, for all intents and purposes, a super-hero, able to run faster than a speeding car and leap up tall buildings in a few bounds. The violence isn't my favorite; I definitely have more fun running and jumping than I do beating up gang members. Take the super abilities out of the equation, and I'm afraid I just don't see the point. :shrug:

So, yeah, as far as GTA is concerned, I guess it'll prepare me for the hours of relative loneliness I'll have when Gears 2 is released, as I'm sure I'll be one of the few who isn't playing it next week. Not like I don't have plenty of single-player achievements to earn, anyway; there's still Eternal Sonata and Blue Dragon to finish, the second half of Samurai Warriors to grind through, a couple Rock Band solo tours to complete...*phew*


Yakko Warner said...

Um, yeah.

Ok, while I understand things can be taken out of context to be made to seem worse than they are, and if you take all the bad parts of a game (or movie, etc.) and string them together in a single clip, it skews everything way out of proportion, but...

I think this clip only helps my decision not to play this game.

How much of the game is represented by this video? Would I have felt the same about Crackdown if a similar video were made about it? Good questions to ponder, but unlikely to change anything at this point I think...

Brian said...

Your GTAIV experience is what you make it to be. Basically, I mean you don't have to do any of the sex stuff in order to play the game.

Even the dating (or "Try your Luck" option) at the end of each "date" is a choice. You can just as well not even answer the phone to get the date itself.

But in the end, I believe GTAIV is everything that Crackdown should have been... the multiplayer alone is worth the asking price IMO.

In one night of 8 Geezers playing GTAIV, I had more fun that all of the time spent playing Crackdown. (well, except that time you and I raced all night) hehe

As for language (which I know you have a problem with at times, ie Rainbow Six Vegas 2) it really isn't any worse that Crackdown's healthy use of the "F" word.

Good stuff regardless if I disagree... keep up the good writing! :)

Yakko Warner said...

Well, yeah, but I didn't like the language in Crackdown either, so there you go...

To each his own, though. I just don't think this game is for me.